How A Home Care Package Works?

Home care packages are a program designed to provide assistance and support for elderly Australians who wish to continue living independently in their own homes. The program is funded by the Australian government and managed by the Department of Health.

To receive a home care package, eligible individuals first need to assess their care needs with an accredited assessor. This assessment will determine the level of care required and the package that is most suitable. The four levels of home care packages range from basic assistance to high-level complex care.

Once a home care package has been assigned, the recipient can choose from a range of approved service providers who will work with them to develop a care plan tailored to their needs. This could be assistance with personal care, meal preparation, cleaning, transport and social activities, as well as allied health services such as physiotherapy.

The care plan will outline how the package funds are being used to support the individual, and can be reviewed and revised as necessary. Regular ongoing assessments ensure that the care being provided remains appropriate and effective.

Home care packages enable elderly Australians to continue living independently in their own homes while receiving the support and assistance they need to maintain their quality of life. The program ensures that all eligible Australians have access to the care they need to age with dignity and respect.


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